Thursday, September 8, 2011

Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin

I was pleasantly surprised by Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin. This book is about promises, family, friendship, loss, betrayal and, ultimately, self discovery and love.

When Phoebe Rothschild starts the new school year late due to a severe asthma attack, she finally gets to see Mallory Tolliver, the new girl in school everyone has been bad-mouthing.  Phoebe is immediately taken with the disheveled, improperly dressed Mallory, and risks losing all of her friends to take the strange new girl under her wing.

Phoebe and Mallory's friendship blossoms... until Mallory's brother Ryland moves back home and turns everything upside down.

Again, I don't want to say too much and run the risk of ruining the surprising twists and turns of Extraordinary.  When I first started reading the book and it went from Phoebe and her friend Mallory, to Mallory and her true life, I was put off a little bit.  But as the story progressed I wanted to find out more - find out what was truly going on.  I was pleasantly surprised by this heartwarming story of friendship and love, and would give it a three and a half out of five.

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