Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga - It's Creepy Good!

First let me say, I know it has been a long time but I have been busy reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin, and you can't rush them!  I took a break reading the fifth book because I don't want to finish it too soon especially since the sixth book isn't coming out until 2013.

Recently I received a pleasant surprise when 14 books showed up in a box on my doorstep.  The first one that I was drawn to was I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga.

Jasper (Jazz) Dent lives with his nearly insane grandmother in Lobo Nob.  He has a best friend Howie, who is a Type A Hemophiliac, and a girlfriend, Connie.  They are the only two people in Jazz's life that he truly cares about and trusts.  Jazz has adults looking out for him, like G. William, the local sheriff, but there are also a few who want to exploit him, like Doug Weathers a sleazy reporter looking for fame at Jazz's expense.  Then there's his father, Billy Dent, the "world's most infamous serial killer," who use to take young Jazz with him for on the job training.

Life seems to be going along smoothly for Jazz ... or the appearance of normalcy is working for him ... when a body is found in Lobo Nod. 

I am not one to give anything away, so I will stop there.  What I will say is I love how Mr. Lyga lets you into Jazz's mind to see the struggles he has within himself.  It is all kinds of warped, but I found myself rooting for Jazz throughout the book, no matter what.

Mr. Lyga kept me guessing until the end, and I can't wait to read the next book... there better be a Next Book! : )  I give the book five out of five!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Under the Vampire Moon Contest by Lynsay Sands

I am spreading the word that Lynsay Sands has a fabulous contest going on right now in honor of her new book, Under the Vampire Moon which will be released on April 24, 2012.

You can pre-order the book now on

Book Description from Amazon:
When Vampires Go On Vacation . . .
Escaping a horrible marriage, Carolyn Connor has no desire to think about men—a vow she's determined to keep while on vacation in St. Lucia. She'll take the Caribbean sun and sea and plenty of tropical drinks with those cute umbrellas poolside, thank you. She absolutely does not need male company, no matter how tan and rock-hard his body may be.
Easy enough, but then Carolyn meets the charming Marguerite Argeneau, who is infamous among her family for her matchmaking prowess . . .
Christian Notte has well known the power of finding a life mate. He's seen enough of his Argeneau relatives taken down for the count, but he never imagined he'd let himself fall in love—until he meets the enthralling, charmingly skittish, and oh-so-mortal Carolyn. But how will he reveal what he is and still convince this once-bitten mortal to trust him with her heart . . . and her forever?

Good Luck!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Selection by Kiera Cass

When The Selection by Kiera Cass came in the mail on Saturday I decided to set aside book five of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series to read it.  (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE everything about Mr. Martin's books, but I was happy to take a break from the heaviness of A Dance with Dragons.)

I was struck by how apropos the political caste system in The Selection was to what is going on in America today and was very intrigued by the back story of how the country of Illéa came to be.

The caste system in Illéa goes from ones to eights, with ones being the wealthiest and eights being homeless.  Our protagonist, America Singer, and her family are fives within the system.  There are very strict laws in Illéa regarding relationships outside of your caste system and America is in love with Aspen Leger who is a six, so they have to hide their relationship from everyone. 

Applications for The Selection have gone out to all eligible young women in Illéa.  The Selection is a contest of sorts wherein 35 young women are randomly chosen to move to the palace and possibly be chosen by the Royal Prince Maxon to be his bride.  Anyone chosen automatically becomes a three within the caste system, and their families are compensated each week that they are gone. The girl chosen by Prince Maxon will automatically become a one, as will her family.

America wants nothing to do with The Selection because she loves Aspen and refuses to leave him.  After careful thought, Aspen makes her promise that she will apply telling her he couldn't live with the "what ifs" that might be between them if she doesn't even try.  Her mother also bribes her to apply, telling her that she can keep half of any money she makes if she just fills out the application.

America applies, believing that the chances of her being selected out of the thousands of applicants are very slim and with the extra money she now has, she plans a surprise dinner for Aspen.  Needless to say, Aspen's male ego takes over with the whole "I am supposed to provide for you, not the other way around" macho thing, and he breaks up with her.  America is heartbroken, and when her name is called out on the weekly Capital Report as one of the 35, she is happy to leave Carolina.

America's life changes dramatically once she begins participating in The Selection and I found myself rooting for her the whole time.  I have to admit, I couldn't put this book down -- staying up until 2:30 a.m. to finish it the same day it came in the mail!  I was dying to see what was going to happen to this strong-willed young lady and wanted to scream NOOOOO when I realized that this was the first book in a series and that I am going to have to wait to find out what happens next! 

I truly enjoyed the refreshing and unique premise of the story as well as the characters and their interactions with America.  I give the book 4½ out of 5 and recommend you pre-order it now.  I can't wait for Book Number 2!

Monday, January 2, 2012

First book review of 2012 - "A little Night Magic" by Lucy March

First let me wish everyone a very Healthy, Prosperous and Happy New Year!

I received a copy of "A Little Night Magic" by Lucy March in the mail right before the holiday weekend, and once I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down. 

Olivia "Liv" Kiskey lives in Nodaway Falls and works as a waitress at Crazy Cousin Betty's Waffle House. I like Liv.  She is someone a lot of us can identity with: she has girlfriends she loves, but who sometimes make her mad; she loves a man even though he apparently doesn't share her feelings; and she has a connection to her community, but feels there has to be something more for her out in the world.

Frustrated and embarrassed by unrequited love, she plans to move to Europe and find a new life for herself... well, that was the plan until a couple of strangers come to town, wake the magic within her and turn her life and those of the people she loves upside down.  Will Liv be able to fight the evil that has taken so much away from her -- will she even survive?  Laughter, friendship, love, sadness, fear, anger... it's all in there and worth the read.

I am glad that the book jacket says "Anything's possible in this irresistible new series..." because I want more!

Definitely give this book a four out of five and recommend you pre-order it!