Thursday, November 25, 2010


Life has been a bit crazy, so it has been quite a while since I have posted anything here. Today I just wanted to blog about those things I am thankful for - so, if you'll indulge me:

  • I am thankful for my parents. They provided me with a strong foundation and allowed me the freedom to become the woman I am today;
  • I am thankful for my sisters (two older and two younger -- yes, I am the well-adjusted middle child -- and a special cousin who feels like a sister), we might not always see eye-to-eye, but they are a source of strength and, no matter what, we are always there for each other;
  • I am thankful for my sister/brother friends (they know who they are), and although we don't see or speak to one another every day, my heart knows you are here with me;
  • I am thankful for all of the people who have walked through my life, the ones who are still here and the ones who have moved on;
  • I am thankful for the fine young man my son has become, and the beautiful grandchildren he has given me. He has been struggling lately with a very difficult break-up and custody dispute, but I believe he will come out of this a stronger person. Here is hoping that the Courts do the right thing and award him custody of his child;
  • I am thankful for my health. I had a scare recently, but, luckily, I pay attention to my body and didn't wait, so I am now cancer free;
  • I am thankful for my career and my co-workers. I've spent 26 years at the same place of employment and have been lucky enough through the years to have moved from one interesting job to another. My position now - the one I will retire from - gives me a great sense of fulfillment and it doesn't hurt that I work with the coolest people on the planet. They make it very easy to climb out of bed and go to work every morning; and last but not least...
  • I am thankful for my life... the good, the bad, and yes, the ugly! Everything that has happened to me, every good or bad choice that I have made, every wonderful or horrible person I have let into my life, brought me right here, to this place... and I am happy. I am proud of the person I have become, and my life is joyful, with no regrets! 54 years of wonderful memories and looking forward to 50 more years to make even more!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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